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Vaping Weed Explained IN 3 MINUTES

The basic process of vaping is fairly simple to understand. Burning your weed the traditional way with a lighter creates combustion and produces smoke. Vaporizers on the other хэнд heat the herb/cannabinoids up to their boiling point (below that of combustion), allowing for the release the active ingredients in the form of water vapor. Essentially, vaping marijuana dehydrates the herb…

Whenever dry herbs (tobacco or weed) are burned, it produces hundreds of toxic chemical byproducts. By avoiding combustion/smoke you get more of what you want (the active ingredients – THC and CBD) and significantly less of what you don’t want – toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Most importantly – you’re going to get a better high and improved taste with less bud.

This is where cannabis connoisseurs get real excited. First and foremost, the quality of your high is going to depend foremost on the quality of the herb your using. With all things considered equal – given the fact that using a dry herb vape will eliminate the unwanted smoke and extra chemicals/carcinogens – you will find the taste is more crisp and smoother, and the concentration of cannabinoids is much higher with a weed vaporizer. Therefore, the result is an improved user experience with a better and quicker high.


I bet you never thought high school physics would be important for getting a better high? Well, when it comes to understanding the technology behind a marijuana vaporizer – we need to be able to know the difference between conduction and convection. These terms help describe the transfer of heat. Conduction is motionless – think of the herb being heated up by resting against the heating element. In contrast, convection requires the movement of air/gas or liquid – think of the herb as being heated by hot air.

With conduction the herb is not heated evenly (outside >inside). And, depending on how you tightly you pack it into the chamber, you may have to stir it around occasionally to achieve even heating. Conduction style vapes depending on the design and quality of construction may also lead to minor combustion – taking away from the quality of the vapor. Convection style weed vaporizers are considered better and more efficient – as they have no combustion and deliver superb tasty clouds of quality vapor for an even better high.

If you’re already sold and want to find the best vaporizer for weed – Click on one of the boxes below to see our ratings and review-buying guides. If you’re curious, but still want to know more – continue on reading below.

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